About Us

So yeah, steering culture aright is really our thing.

We identify as Transformers and our vision is forged on the strength of our convictions that what we see hear and feel repeatedly are the gateway to how society is formed.
Meet Our Team

Chidi Ukwu

Chief Executive Officer
Chidi is the Executive Producer of Flint Productions Nigeria (, an Abuja-based media production and development communications outfit, delivering high-end productions for radio, television, film and the internet on the continent. He is a producer and director with a variety of high-impact works including films and series. Until December, 2007, Chidi was Senior Producer with the BBC World Service Trust, where he produced drama on issues covering governance, social awareness and responsibility, reaching millions weekly. He also worked with a crack team of local and international professionals, to create Wetin Dey, one of Nigeria’s more iconic TV series of the last decade, where entertainment is used to power a neo-awareness campaign on HIV/AIDS for Nigerians and the black Diaspora. Chidi is an actor, writer and arts development manager with years of experience, using art as a vehicle for change. He is a Nigerian Film Institute Actor of the Year and also teaches Speech and Voice. Chidi is a partner at E-mage Xchange Africa (EXA), an artiste agency and arts development consultancy based in Lagos. Chidi’s expertise and experience span 15 years of media development and in the last 7 years, he has pressed the production concepts of location-based recording for radio drama series and popular development communications on a variety of media. He currently plays lead in the establishment of 2 Masks & a Griot Theatre Company. Chidi is married and lives and works in Abuja.

Roli Ukwu

ROLI UKWU is a resourceful and creative individual with excellent project management and communication skills. She has demonstrated experience in communication for development and media production processes. She has been involved in the content development, writing and production processes  for several television and radio outputs from series to documentaries, working for Flint Productions Nigeria, including 'EGUNJE' for Integrity, 'FARMTASTIC FUTURE' for PROPCOM and 'GBAGAN GBAGAN' for ESSPIN amongst others. She is also a proficient event organiser and has a bias for projects which focus on growing and promoting enterprise, and empowering women.

Eustace Okwechime

Production Manager
EUSTACE OKWECHIME is a media professional with great organisational skills, putting together and managing teams that have produced award-winning radio & TV drama, documentary and discussion programmes for development in Nigeria and has mentored a number of production managers, coordinators and assistants. Eustace is also a skilled project manager, able to achieve agreed goals within budget while exceeding expectations. He is also an associate of New Media Networks; a UK based international, creative industries company that produces high impact, creative work for lasting social and educational benefit. Eustace has managed the production and crews of several production jobs including ‘Gbagan Gbagan’ (English-4 series, Hausa-4 series, and Yoruba-1 series), a DFID funded radio drama series, several documentaries for Partnership for Transforming Health Systems (PATHS2), BBC’s Television drama series ‘Wetin Dey’ (48 episodes), BBC’s Radio youth programme, Flava (English) and Ya Take ne (Hausa), BBC’s Radio drama series, Story Story (English, 15 series), Gatana Gatana Ku (Hausa, 5 series), Enyo (Igbo, 3 series), Alo Alo (Yoruba, 3 series).

Dr. Adam Saffer

Board of Advisers
Dr. Adam Saffer is an international business professional with deep experience managing donor funded programs in frontier and emerging markets. Adam is known as a reflective leader with broad experience in building, leading, and inspiring teams in dynamic political, and complex cross-cultural environments. His principal areas of focus include inclusive economic growth, trade, agriculture and agribusiness, finance and investment, enterprise development and entrepreneurship, market systems development, women and youth empowerment, and job creation. Adam’s Nigeria history goes back to 1980 and he has over 30 years of experience across Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.  Holding a Mechanical Engineering degree (Cornell University), MBA (Harvard Business School), and PhD in Political Science (Pacific University), he serves on several boards including Bay Atlantic University and the Global Policy Institute, where he is currently leading a web series on the modernization of agriculture in Africa. Adam moonlights as a guitarist in a band and is chairman of Abuja International Choir.

John Akomfrah

Board of Advisers
John Akomfrah CBE RA is a British artist, writer, film director, screenwriter, theorist and curator of Ghanaian descent, who has advised, supported and worked with the Senior Management of Flint Productions in a variety of capacities for more than a decade. A founder of the Black Audio Film Collective in 1982, he made his début as a director with Handsworth Songs (1986), which examined the fallout from the 1985 Handsworth riots and went on to win the Grierson Award for Best Documentary in 1987. In the words of The Guardian, John "has secured a reputation as one of the UK’s most pioneering film-makers [whose] poetic works have grappled with race, identity and post-colonial attitudes for over three decades.
Why us?
Flint Productions is an inspired media production company breaking new grounds in the creation of quality outputs for traditional & digital media.


The Japanese call it Kaizen; we call it normal. We are simply never satisfied with the way things have been done. For us, ‘standard’ is only an excuse to stop improving and that’s something we just don’t do. This why we relish every new challenge.


We seek to mould media and communications culture. A little conceited perhaps but when you set a goal for yourself, we want to take the journey with you, and become the single most value-adding component in your campaign. To do this, we set fresh parameters for engagement and then we surprise, surprise, surprise.


In our work, we are character-led but data-based; we take genuine interest in the facts about each task and the synthesis of related topics or events. We employ in-depth research and analysis to understand the subject matter and the culture, audiences and perspectives involved. It’s like that African proverb about those who achieve great things - they pay attention to the small ones along the way.


Navigating media communications and audience interaction can be like playing chess; we try to be several moves ahead. This requires analysis, scenario engineering, planning and backstopping. At Flint, we mix critical thought and creative nuance to accomplish effective outcomes habitually.


We pride ourselves in developing stylised and innovative approaches to content development and audience engagement for a variety of platforms. Our partnerships and collaborations afford us access to the experts and best hands in the industry. Our tailor-fit media plans always have one goal - to produce solutions that are simple and compelling.


Audience development and interaction are high on our priority. We believe that whole saying about winking in the dark, so we put a finger on the pulse of audience response and how people relate. We have been known to conduct unorthodox yet highly effective audience relations tests which put our clients in an advantageous position for positive social engineering. We like to think we know people and traditional audience research tools suggest that we just might be right.


We have high resonance with audiences. Our audience-appropriate approaches help us get to the heart of a matter quickly and with interest. This produces strong positive responses to our material. It is gratifying to know you are being heard, but even more satisfying than that, is knowing you are understood. Ladies and gentlemen, world peace is in view!

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