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We are a media content production company and we are all about making your content attractive and gripping to the audience you want to reach. We do this so well that the most laid back of audiences begin to engage!
We are a bit obsessed about our clients. Sometimes, it's like they keep scrolling across a white space in our minds.

Flint Productions Nigeria Limited proved to be a reliable partner with excellent project management and communications skills and have thus earned our highest recommendation.

Hadeeza Haruna-Usie

Country Director, Girl Effect Nigeria

Flint Productions has shown a vast knowledge of the relevant field (audience behaviour, documentary production, communication, subject matter research etc) and have proven to be dependable to deliver desired quality outputs

Dayo Lomuwagun

Principal, Private Sector Health Alliance Nigeria

Flint proved themselves excellent media professionals…demonstrating both technical competency and a consummate creativity born of a true sense of theatre

Richard Hanson

Senior Education and Skills Programmes Adviser, Cambridge Education/Mott MacDonald

We are Flint. That good old hard rock that carved tools, made fires, and built the foundations of humanity’s industry, many epochs ago. Today, we channel the ethos & values of our inner Flint.

Content Development

We consult and manage creative processes that lead to cutting edge, purpose-specific output for all kinds of audiences and broadcast media. These processes include concept and script development. Designing cool new stuff is an area where our genius really shows.


We are adept at interpreting briefs and producing material in different genre and for various platforms. We are very audience conscious and audience research forms a big part of our work. We take pride in our team development skills and bring this to bear in choosing the right and most talented crews. Whether it’s film, television or radio, Flint Productions produces high-end output every time.


There’s that word again! Yeah, we know but we genuinely have decades of hands-on experience, doing great work (and sometimes getting it wrong) in Nigeria and elsewhere on the continent. This knowledge from making high-value content from the world’s single largest black market means that we and our extensive contacts could just have ideas that help you save face, time and money when it comes to your next project. And here’s a bit of advise for free - please seek expert involvement early on in your planning because intentionality shows
Perfecting every project is our passion.
From documentaries and feature films to series, spots and social media advocacy material, Flint Productions has put together a significant body of works for Online, Television, Radio and Film platforms. We also strive to open up black and African consciousness for better international appreciation and wider world markets.

A Kingdom for Girls

Women of the North

Disrupting Healthcare. Saving Lives.

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